TopBine Yoga Bra Pad

Best Bra Insert for Working Out

Why people love it
  • High-quality and well-made
  • Good for large breasts
  • Excellent for active wear

You aren’t going to get a big boost with these inserts – and you must pay close attention to the size of the inserts when ordering as some users have a bit of an issue.


Okay, we know these bra inserts aren’t going to give you heaving cleavage, but if you want a little something extra while working out, these are the ones to go for. Why? The cotton is breathable which means your girls won’t cry while you get your exercise on.

While you’re only going to get a minimal boost breast wise, we love the availability of different shapes and colors. It means you can feel confident whatever you’re wearing and whatever exercise you undertake. And, as a real bonus, you can toss these bra pads in the washing machine – which is a quality you want in every workout piece.

And then there is the price. You really have to appreciate that. Plus – and this is something we found a little unexpected – these bra inserts do a fantastic job of smoothing out the results of lumpectomies and radiation therapy. Not bad, right?

Material: 100% cotton and foam sponge. It’s totally breathable.

Color: There are a couple of different options: white, black, and beige.

Sizing: You have a choice of an A/B cup or a C/D cup – though, not all shapes and colors are available in both sizes.

Shape: We totally appreciate the different shapes here; there’s a choice of round, triangular, and oblong. One size or another should fit into any of your sports bras or bikini tops.

Safe for water wear: Yes.

Number of pairs: There are different packs available, but the standard pack size is one pair.

Cost: Wow, some of these are an impressive $9, which makes them totally worth a try if you want a bit of a lift while working out. Other styles, sizes, and colors max out around $12.

Bottom line: Given that they have such an extraordinary sales price, you can easily pick up a couple of pairs of these bra pads to feel comfortable working out. We wish they added more boost, but we’ll take the breathability with the support and slight push up that they do have.

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