15 Hottest Bubble Butt Babes: The Official Ranking

15 Hottest Bubble Butt Babes: The Official Ranking

Fine fanny, booty, rump, buns, bubble-butt, lady-lumps, backside – there are so many names for this fine feature, one that both men and women go nuts for, that you can hardly keep up with them. But a man can sure try...and this is the year of the booty!

In celebration of this amazing title, we've compiled a list of our favorite bubble-butt honeys, ladies who are blessed in the booty department AND are beautiful babes.  Oh, and according to the Urban Dictionary, bubble butts are not just big asses either. “Bubble butts are round, like a globe, and usually complement a slender body.”

Hey, nothing wrong with having standards, so using this definition as our foundation, we took it upon ourselves to collect a list of the top 15 bubble-butted babes.

Trust me – it was no easy task to narrow this list down! But somebody had to do it...

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.  Meanwhile, enjoy #datass

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