TomTom Spark 3

Best GPS Running Watch

Why people love it
  • The ideal GPS watch for running on trails and streets
  • Built-in music player with plenty of storage space for your workout playlist
  • Ideal for runners, cyclists, AND swimmers

Apps are a bit ineffective and unsophisticated, and the battery life is a bit iffy.


Performance: If you're the kind of runner always looking for new routes and trails, this is the GPS running watch you must have. We're all familiar with the TomTom GPS devices for your vehicle, so it makes sense that a TomTom watch would be equally effective for GPS tracking. You'll be able to plan your runs, monitor your location, and keep an eye on the map as you run. There's even a "Route Exploration" feature that will make it fun for you to explore new trails or paths.

Battery life on the watch is not great—you'll get no more than 11 hours in GPS mode, and up to 7 days in regular mode. However, it comes with a lot of very useful apps that will allow you to customize your training and analytics tracking. If you're one of those runners who wants to track EVERYTHING, this is the ideal choice.

Features: The watch is fully waterproof (up to 30 feet), and it's compatible with swimming workouts as well as cycling and running. The resin band is durable and can handle a lot of hardcore use.

The built-in activity tracker counts calories and steps, measures your heart rate (with one of the most accurate heart rate trackers on the market), and even tracks your sleep patterns. Paired with your phone, it will deliver notifications and alerts to your wrist so you can check emails, answer calls, and read texts.

But the real selling point is the built-in storage space (3 GB) that offers you the option of wearing your music device on your wrist. You can simply load up your watch with your workout playlist, connect your Bluetooth headphones to the watch, and enjoy up to 4 hours of music.

Price: The watch itself costs just under $120, but pairing it with the high quality Bluetooth headphones and built-in storage will raise the price to $215. A bit pricier, but worth it so you never have to carry an iPod or smartphone again.

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