Tomofun Furbo

Best Smartphone-Friendly Dog and Cat Cam

Why people love it
  • Great for puppy/kitten owners; alerts when the pet is barking or mewing
  • Smartphone app is beautifully easy to use, reliable, and user-friendly
  • Excellent video quality and clarity of sound

VERY user-friendly smartphone app, compatible with iOS and Android, dispenses treats, easily connected to WiFi, features HD video and live streaming as well as two-way audio, and alerts you if your dog barks.

Connection tends to be unstable and the voice action is a bit iffy.


Performance: This is the ideal pet camera for those who want a user-friendly app to control the device. The learning curve on the app is easy, as it's intuitive and designed to offer simple controls. You'll find it's easy to get the camera connected to your WiFi and smartphone and start using it right away.

The problem is that over time the pet camera loses the reliability of its connection. And by that we mean you may end up spending a lot of time futzing with the WiFi network to keep the camera streaming for more than a few minutes. However, you'll find the video and image quality are excellent, and the sound is clear. Best of all, there's even built-in night vision!

Features: The two-way audio feature is ideal for talking to your pet, though it's like a walkie-talkie in that you can only talk one at a time. If the pet is barking, your voice will be turned off. If you're talking, you won't hear your pet.

The treat dispenser isn't as versatile as you might like—it only works with a select range of treats. However, the alert feature will tell you when your pet is barking, sending a notification directly to your phone.

Price: At $200, this is a pricey pet camera. It does deliver decent quality—especially in terms of sound and image—but there are a few design/connectivity flaws that can be expected.

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