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Tommy John Second Skin Gold Thread
  • Stay cool and comfortable all day long
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable; great for business and casual use

Relaxed fit, soft, comfortable, contour pouch for "the gentlemen", stay-put elastic waistband, good elasticity, non-pilling fabric, plenty of room for movement, and feels like a second skin.

Not suitable for exercise, and a bit pricey.


Fabric: The underwear are made of 90% Micro Modal, a material that is considered "artificial silk". This fabric is easily washed in the laundry machine, UNLIKE silk, but is as soft as natural silk. With the 10% Spandex content, the underwear are beautifully stretchy and have just enough elasticity to be comfortable under any outfit.

Support: For guys who need more support, the "contour pouch" is an absolute treasure. It provides a comfortable place for nestling "the gentlemen". Thanks to the quick-draw fly, you have quick access for those urgent bathroom trips.

Comfort: Not only are the underwear super soft to the touch, but the Micro Modal fabric makes them sleek, silky, and luxurious. They FEEL like luxury underwear, and their relaxed fit is just what you need for all-day comfort under your business suit, slacks, or jeans. They're not built for exercise or active use, but you'll find that their 360-degree stretch design makes them perfect for a wedgie-free day.

Price: At $34 per pair, these are definitely some of the priciest underwear on our list. However, just one day of wearing them for work or relaxation, and you're guaranteed to fall in love with their luxurious style and feel.


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