Tommy John Men's Second Skin Trunk

Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs

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Why people love it
  • Underwear fits great, including the kangaroo pouch
  • Super comfortable fit
  • Feels like you’re wearing nothing beneath your clothes

The only downside we have is that they are a little pricey. If you can close your eyes as you're pushing the buy button you will love everything about them.


Fabric: Super soft and breathable material makes this underwear a great rival to ExOfficio. However, because these are so thin (that’s what gives you the barely-there-ness), they do have a tendency to break down a lot quicker. So buyer beware.

Support: There’s a kangaroo pouch built into this underwear to ensure that you’re not being compressed and constricted from every angle.

Comfort: If you are looking for a soft and almost naked feeling comfort, then this underwear will be perfect for you.

Price: If you’re willing to take special care of this underwear—or if you don’t care about shelling out money more regularly to replace these—then the price tag may be worth it.

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