Why people love it
  • “These socks just don’t fall down!”
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Great compression and arch support—decreases the pain of walking all day

Never slip down your leg, solid color, versatile style, super soft and comfortable, perfect for wearing to work, zoned ventilation, light compression, built-in cushioning, durable material, resistant to holes and tears

Pricier than average, a bit longer than some users might like



These calf-high socks are the perfect option for guys who want to dress to the nines! The solid black pattern means they can be worn with any business suit, slacks, or dress pants, and they’ll look amazing the whole time. Thanks to the built-in compression and arch support, the socks will keep blood flowing to your feet so you stay comfortable all day long.

The socks are a bit higher than you might like (shorter men may find the socks almost behind the knees), but the InvisiGrip elastic ensures that the socks stay put on your legs no matter how much you move around. However, you’ll love the zoned ventilation, which will help to keep your feet dry and cool no matter how long you wear them.


The socks are made of 65% Pima Cotton, which means they’re super soft to the touch and wonderfully durable. The addition of 32% Nylon makes them nice and lightweight, with just enough permeability to keep them ventilated. Finally, there’s 3% Spandex added for that little extra bit of elasticity that makes them epic dress socks. The combination of these materials makes the socks very durable, and you can wear them for months without worrying about holes, snags, or tears.

The stay-up elastic of the dress socks is reliable, though some users have complained that their socks began to droop after a few uses. However, it seems to be an issue with only some of the socks, but the majority have a durable elastic that won’t sag or stretch.


At $16 per pair, these are definitely on the pricier side. However, given their durability, comfort, and reliability, it’s a price you’ll want to pay for quality!

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