Tommy John Air Thong

Most Comfortable Women's Underwear

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Tommy John
Why people love it
  • So light and comfy you won’t even know you’re wearing them
  • Moisture-wicking for all day comfort
  • Cooling fabric, excellent breathability

Modest coverage, stylish, feather-light, no visible panty line, highly versatile, anti-microbial, soft and stretchy, cool cotton, breathable, no rolling or bunching. The underwear you want all day, every day!

May stretch out too easily and not as long-lasting as you might like.


Fabric: These underwear are made with a mix of 77% nylon mesh and 23% spandex. This mixture makes them super soft, super lightweight, and wonderfully breathable.

The Spandex also gives them a nice stretch, so they’re easy to pull on and off even if you’re packing a bit more “junk in the trunk”. It’s also anti-microbial and non-pilling, so you can use it over and over again without worrying about it being damaged in the wash.

However, there is a cotton gusset in the crotch, guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh. The “Cool Cotton” fabric is fast-drying, cooler than regular cotton, and with great breathability—all vital for all-day comfort.

Be warned: the fabric may stretch out over time, so they’re not the longest-lasting underwear on the market.

Comfort: The feather-light fabric barely feels like anything’s there, and you may just forget you’re wearing anything at all after a few minutes. There are no visible panty lines with these thongs, and they’re designed to avoid bunching or rolling up—perfect to wear under that LBD or cocktail gown. The seamless edges won’t be visible beneath even a tight dress or skirt.

Price: At $26 per pair, these are slightly on the pricier side, but well worth it for cool, invisible comfort. Definitely a great pair to own if you want to feel as good as you look in any dress!

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