Copper Compression Recovery Shorts

Best Compression Shorts for Muscle Repair

Why people love it
  • Copper-infused material speeds up recovery
  • Ultra-comfortable fabric to keep your joints and muscles warm
  • High-performance design; durable

The compression is lighter than expected/desired.


Fit: These compression shorts are designed like any other, with the above-the-knee sizing that makes them perfect for sports, running, and training. You'll find the compression is a bit lighter than you might like, but it will add the pressure on your muscles and joints to keep them warm and encourage better blood flow.

Fabric: The shorts are made with 88% copper nylon, a synthetic material that is infused with copper. Copper helps to speed up recovery times and promotes better joint health, which is why it is used in so many joint supports. You'll find that the copper nylon in the shorts will help to reduce joint pain and improve mobility during and after training.

The fabric is durable and comfortable, and the stitching is flat enough that it won't rub on your body no matter how much you sweat. The copper-infused fabric can make a world of difference when it comes to odors and bacteria. The mineral will do wonders to kill of pathogens that cause bad smells and potential infections.

Price: At $24, these are a very well-priced option for those who want faster recovery times after an intense workout.

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