Why people love it
  • Get all your bottles, pacifiers, and food jars sterilized in one batch
  • Sterilizes your baby gear thoroughly and quickly
  • Set and forget; easy to operate

No reset button; you HAVE to wait for the cycle to finish.


Features: If you want to be 100% certain your baby's bottles, nipples, and your breast pump are clean, set them in this sterilizer, press the button, and let it do its thing. 8 minutes later, everything will be as clean as if you'd just boiled it or run it through the dishwasher.

The bottle sterilizer can hold up to 6 Tommee Tippee bottles, or you can fit an assortment of bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and other equipment. It's a very easy sterilizer to operate, and it will require only occasional refilling of the water reservoir. However, be warned: there is no reset button, so you are forced to wait until the cycle is completed before you can sterilize another batch. You also have to shake off the condensation inside the bottles before using.

Price: At $44, this is one of the priciest items on our list. However, when you consider how efficiently it sterilizes your baby's bottles and pacifiers, you'll see that it's a very smart investment for busy parents.

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