Why people love it
  • Great blend of clean and dirty notes
  • Conservative scent that works well at the office or at play
  • Gives off a professional and wealthy vibe

There's absolutely no doubt that this scent was made for manly men with its blend of clean and dirty (i.e. fresh and musky) notes. It's also a pretty versatile scent that will go with you from the office to whatever sort of "fun" you want to get into after work. 

There are quite a lot of customers who complain about the weakness of the scent and its ability to hold for more than a couple hours. 


Scent: There are really two types of scents you get here: clean and fresh citrus scents from the orange flower and grapefruit and dirty, musky scents like vetiver and oak moss.

Occasion: Best for the office and casual outings. Also, customers recommend this one be relegated to the summer as it's a little too fresh-scented for colder weather.

Price: Not terribly expensive, especially considering how often you can wear this one (i.e. every day).

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