TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen

Best Designer Eyeliner Pen

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Why people love it
  • Deep black hue
  • Perfect for all-day wear
  • Dual-sided applicator

This luxurious liner makes it easy to define your eyes with crisp lines and dramatic designs (cat eyes, anyone?). The highly pigmented formula produces rich black lines.

It has a dual-sided applicator, so it may feel heavier in your hand than single-sided eyeliners.


Formula: This smooth liquid formula lasts a long time on your eyes - and in the tube. Liquid liners are notorious for drying out quickly, but reviewers rave that this high-end eyeliner lasts 6 to 12 months with no issues. Cosmetic users also love the highly pigmented formula, explaining that it’s a deep black hue that’s way darker than other black liners they’ve tried.

Performance: This is the kind of eyeliner you can fall asleep in (not that we recommend sleeping in makeup!). In fact, several reviewers admit that they’ve gone to bed wearing this long-lasting liner, and it’s also a popular choice among beach babes and gym goers.

Ease of Use: Think you can’t draw a straight line with liquid liner? Makeup junkies say you’ve gotta try this TOM FORD Eye Defining Pen because it's super simple to work with. It has two sides, so you can use whichever one works best for your current style. The thin calligraphy-style tip is perfect for winged tips and precise definition, while the brush-like end helps create softer, wider lines.

Price: This eyeliner costs nearly as much as our cell phone bill, but we - and tons of loyal users - still love it. Expect to spend around $60, sometimes as much as $80, for this designer liner.

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