TJ Maxx Credit Card

TJ Maxx Credit Card

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  • Rewards certificates good for TJ Maxx family of stores
  • MasterCard version includes price and warranty protection
  • MasterCard version also offers up to 5% back in rewards certificates

MasterCard version:

  • 10% off your first online or in-store purchase.
  • $10 Rewards certificate for every 1,000 points you earn.
  • 5 points for each $1 of net purchases made with your TJX Rewards credit card at T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and Sierra Trading Post stores in U.S. and Puerto Rico and online or
  • 1 point per $1 anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Our Detailed Review

  • Store only version can't be used outside of TJ Maxx family of stores
  • Store only version offers very low rewards rate
  • High interest rates on both versions of the card
Faveable Review

The TJ Maxx credit card, officially known as TJX Rewards® Card, is a store credit card from popular retail store TJ Maxx. If you are a regular TJ Maxx customer, you may be tempted by offers for 10% off your first purchase and a rewards program that gives you store rewards certificates for regular shopping. But does this card make sense for you? Read more about the TJ Maxx credit card below to decide if it deserves a coveted spot in your wallet.

TJ Maxx credit card review

The TJX Rewards® Card is a store credit card from the parent company of TJ Maxx. The card comes in two versions based on your credit history, and each offers a similar rewards program but works very differently.

Both cards share a rewards program that offers a first purchase discount and rewards certificate good for use at TJ Maxx and its sister stores Marshalls, Home Goods, and Sierra Trading Post.

The first version is a store only card that works at TJ Maxx owned stores only, which include TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and Sierra Trading Post. This makes the store only version of the TJ Maxx credit card valuable only to those who shop regularly at these stores or their websites.

The second version is a Mastercard branded card that works at TJ Maxx stores and anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Both cards offer opportunities to earn points toward reward certificates at TJ Maxx and related stores.

TJ Maxx credit card rewards and perks

The TJ Maxx credit cards offer a 10% off coupon for your first purchase online or in-store. If you apply for the card online, you must use the card at or, it is not eligible for use in stores. This 10% off coupon expires 30 days after issue and the purchase must be made on the TJX card to use the coupon.

Both TJX Rewards® Cards offer a $10 rewards certificate for every $200 spent at the TJ Maxx family of stores. You can redeem certificates in $10 or $20 increments. Rewards points never expire, but certificates expire two years after issue. A $10 certificate requires 1,000 points and a $20 certificate requires 2,000 points.

The store only version of the TJ Maxx credit card earns 1 point for every two dollars you spend. With 1,000 points for a $10 certificate, this is an effective cash back earning rate of one-half percent. That is pretty pitiful compared to actual cash back earning credit cards that give you at least 1% on most purchases.

The Mastercard version, available for those with higher credit, offers 5 points per $1 spent at TJ Maxx stores and 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else. This gives you a much faster route to a rewards certificate. If you use it only at TJ Maxx, which you should because other cards offer much better rewards for non-TJ Maxx shopping, it gives you an effective earning rate of 5% cash back. This is actually pretty good in terms of the cash back value.

Just keep in mind that the “cash back” equivalent for these cards only come in the form of TJ Maxx certificates. That makes them useful only if you love shopping at TJ Maxx. You just have to decide for yourself if TJ Maxx rewards certificates, good at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Sierra Trading Post,, and, are a worthwhile credit card reward for you.

TJ Maxx credit card credit card benefits

These cards do not offer extensive travel rewards benefits. The TJX Rewards® Credit Card does not offer any benefits beyond the rewards program. The TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® comes with Platinum MasterCard benefits.

The Platinum MasterCard version comes with standard benefits like basic price protection, extended warranty, and identity theft resolution services.

TJ Maxx credit card costs and fees

This card charges very high-interest rates among the credit card industry in general. Both cards currently charge variable rate APR of 28.24%, which will vary with the market Prime Rate. With this high-interest rate, you should only get this card if you plan to pay it off in full each statement period.

The MasterCard version charges 29.99% APR for cash advances, while the store only version does not offer any cash advance feature. Cash advances come with a 4% fee ($10 minimum).

Late payment fees cost up to $35 per occurrence.

Does the TJ Maxx credit card make sense for me?

For most people, the TJ Maxx credit cards do not make sense. The store only version, available to those with a lower qualifying credit score, offers an equivalent half percent reward for your shopping at TJ Maxx and related stores. You can do better with most other cash back credit cards and have the option to use the money wherever you want.

The MasterCard branded version makes sense for heavy TJ Maxx family of store shoppers who want to earn an equivalent 5% cash back for use at TJ Maxx. But keep in mind the high-interest rate and poor benefits and rewards when shopping away from TJ Maxx, Marshals, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post.

Store cards are not great in general, though there are a handful of store credit cards that are worthwhile. It is up to you to decide if the TJX Rewards® Card makes the cut for your unique shopping habits and needs.


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