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  • Super concise setup and easy to use
  • Great for making all sorts of connections with others
  • Connects to Facebook
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Tinder, perhaps the most well-known of all the best dating apps, definitely deserves a spot on this list. We’d go so far as to say it’s the easiest one to use, what with its direct integration to Facebook which not only gives you the ability to import your details from the social media site, but also tells you if the users you’re checking out know anyone in your social circle.

It’s definitely a superficial platform. Although you can fill out a 500-word bio, the easy swiping makes it too easy to scroll through hundreds of matches in a minute simply based on looks. Oh, and there are no take-backs (unless you pay).


Quality: I guess this depends on how you define “quality”. If you want to find someone for a quick hookup, then you might find Tinder very useful. If you’re looking for marriage and babies, well, there are plenty of people who have claimed that’s happened as well, so I guess that’s a possibility too—you’ll just have to take more time chatting and digging through their connected Facebook and Instagram pages if you want that sort of deeper connection. 

Ease of Use: Tinder is suuuuuuper easy to use. Swipe left if you don’t like. Swipe right if you do. And you can even “super” like them by swiping up.

Price: Tinder is free to use. Tinder Plus gives some really nice bonus “powers” however and it’s actually pretty cheap when compared to the cost of other dating apps. So if you want to hide your age or distance, rewind a mistaken left swipe, skip the line and show up first to other users, and more, you can ante up a bit more.


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