Why people love it
  • Functionality that looks like a million bucks
  • Endless customization options with a comfortable band that is easy to swap out
  • Classic, stylish, and affordable

The leather strap is very thin compared to other watch bands, and some men like something that feels a little more robust around the wrist.


Features: The weekender has three chronograph dials on the face that look incredibly classy. It has a date window next to 4 o'clock and luminous hands, making it functional even in the dark. It is water resistant up to 100 ft, but it's not a great idea to swim or bathe with it on. 

Case: It's a nice watch to look at and works great. This beauty measures in at 40mm diameter and 40mm thickness. 

Band: This genuine leather band is buttery soft and feels nice on the skin. And if you want to switch things up with zero hassle you can put on a different colored leather or nylon band with no effort. 

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