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Timberland Women's 6" Premium Boot
  • A solid hiking book designed specifically for the female anatomy
  • Comfortable, warm, and highly durable; quality hiking boots for every occasion
  • Great price, yet a boot that will last for years to come
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Comfortable, sturdy, dependable, suited for all terrain, well-insulated, excellent quality materials and assembly, stylish, good support and protection, and waterproof.

Lacking breathability and can be hard to find the right size.


Performance: Made in the USA, Timberlands are one of the most familiar boots on the market, thanks to their durable construction. The boots are made with 100% waterproof leather, with a sturdy lacing system that will grip your feet tightly (reducing blisters) and offer excellent ankle support thanks to their high-top design.

The classic style of these boots is always a draw. The appearance is immediately recognizable, and they scream "hardcore" work or hiking boots. Thanks to their unique woman-specific insole, footbed, and midsole design, you'll be comfortable all day long in these well-padded boots.

Features: The fact that these boots are made of durable leather means they're waterproof, but sadly not the best-ventilated. However, the 400 grams of insulation built into the boots will keep your feet warm even in alpine and arctic conditions. With the built-in steel toe cap you can protect your feet on the hiking trail and construction site.

The soles are made with special rubber gum that increases traction without sacrificing durability or flexibility. The high shaft of the boot offers great ankle support when the boots are laced tightly, and the padded collar makes for excellent all-day comfort.

Price: Starting as low as $60 per pair, these are one of our best-priced hiking boots. They're a stylish, reliable, durable choice that you should definitely consider adding to your hiking gear.


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