Why people love it
  • Excellent for staying warm even in the coldest winter
  • Never take your gloves off to use your smartphone again!
  • Textured palm enhances grip on mobile devices

Touch pad on fingers and thumb are a bit awkward.


Details: For those cold winters, this is the perfect gift. Not only are these gloves extremely warm—thanks to their blend of 23% wool, 63% polyester, 10% nylon, and 4% other fibers—but their textured palm offers extra grip on those small, sleek objects he needs to hold…such as his cell phone.

These gloves are built for smartphone users, as they have special touch pads built into the fingers and thumb. This allows him to use his smartphone without removing his glove. Though they're not designed for sending long-winded messages or hammering out emails, they're easy for basic touch/swipe controls on the phone. He'll never have cold hands thanks to this nifty feature.

Price: The gloves will run anywhere from $20 to $40—a bit of a steep price for a regular pair of gloves, but totally worth it for the ability to use his smartphone without removing his gloves.

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