Why people love it
  • Leather upper is incredibly durable; great for years of use
  • Comfortable and easy to wear; not too heavy
  • Leather and Gore-Tex combination offer double waterproofing

Lightweight, sleek, good support and stability, beautiful full-grain leather design, waterproof construction, fit right out of the box, excellent quality, and great warmth in cold weather.

The soles are lacking in thickness and durability, and these boots feature limited traction.


Performance: If you want a beautiful pair of leather hiking boots, look no farther than these Timberlands. They're not quite on par with the heavy-duty hiking boots above, but they're definitely a stylish, good-looking choice. The full-grain leather used to build them is gorgeous, and the slim profile of the shoes goes well with any hiking attire.

Of course, the leather also offers an extra layer of waterproofing. Combine that with a Gore-Tex inner lining, and you've got a pair of hiking boots that will keep your feet warm and dry in any cold or wet environment. Best of all, thanks to the light weight design, you can hike for hours without tiring.

Features: The leather upper is supportive and offers good stability, and you'll love the cushioning built into the footbed. The boots are comfortable right out of the box, meaning there is no need for a break-in period. The lacing system allows you to adjust the grip on your feet, making them a highly versatile pair of shoes.

The downside to these bad boys is their sole. The traction isn't as deep as you might like, and it tends to wear out quickly. Many users report feeling stones and debris through the soles. If you're doing a lot of hardcore hiking, you need a different pair of boots. But for trail walking and day hikes, these are a good choice.

Price: At $110, these boots are a reasonably priced option. They offer you style and comfort for your day hikes, and they can be taken into any climate you want. Not a bad choice indeed!

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