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Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Girl that Can’t Find Her Keys

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  • Great for finding anything
  • Amazing concept and product
  • Easy to use

Unfortunately, Tile doesn’t allow geofencing.


How many times did you wish you could track your keys, your phone, and anything else you know you need? That’s the principle behind Tile. This gadget can be slipped into purses, attached to keys, and tucked into gym bags. If it’s close enough for the Bluetooth on your phone to find it, Tile will do so. It will also remember where you last placed something. That’s handy for just about anyone.

There are multipacks available, so you can spread them between stockings or give your teenage girl a set. Then again, you could always add a lovely keychain to the mix. And, perhaps it’s time to slim down altogether with this wallet in a phone case.

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