Tile Mate

Best Gift for the Forgetful Graduate

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Why people love it


  • A life-saving tool for anyone who is forgetful 
  • Super practical, small, and convenient 
  • Easy to use 


Running late for classes is one thing. Running late for that major job interview or the big meeting scheduled for 8:15 is a huge deal. If your graduate tends to lose their keys or wallet or anything else that keeps them from getting out the door on time, the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker is a must-have.

Some customers complained about the battery dying on the tiles quickly, so check the warranty to ensure you don’t get stuck with a dud. Also, if your grad lives somewhere with terrible Wi-Fi or Bluetooth reception, this probably isn’t the best gift idea.


Happiness Factor: No one wants to spend time looking for keys, wallets, etc. If you can help them save even just five minutes every day, they’ll be truly grateful for this gift.

Practical Applications: This gift is totally practical for the super forgetful person.

Price: You probably can’t find a cheaper or more helpful tech gift.

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