Best Valentine's Gift for the Forgetful Boyfriend

Tile for iOS and Android
  • Great for finding anything
  • Amazing concept and product
  • Easy to use

You can use your phone to call your keys – and press the button on your Tile Mate to find your phone! It's a great gift for the boyfriend who tends to lose things. Additionally, it's slim and easy to attach to a keychain or insert in wallet.

Doesn’t allow geofencing.


Details: The Tile is a great way to keep track of your things. Whenever they go "missing" you can quickly find them using your smartphone. 

This little device is designed to help him find whatever he's most likely to lose: car keys, wallet, phone, etc. The Tile app connects to the device via Bluetooth to track it, and it will remember where the app last connected with the Tile secured to the device you've lost. A melody will play to alert you to the location of your lost property.

The Tile app is compatible with up to 8 Tiles at once, allowing you to keep track of pretty much anything he tends to lose.

Price: $25 isn't too high a price to pay for this device—after all, he'll lose a lot more money if he can't find his car keys, wallet, or smartphone. If he's forgetful, this gift is worth every penny.


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