This alarm clock has a ring that's as loud as thunder! You can adjust the ring and tone however you want

  • 113-decibel ringer
  • Adjustable alarm tone
  • Includes vibrating pad

This is the alarm clock that wakes even the most stubborn sleepers with a 113-decibel ringer that's as loud as thunder. Sleepers can adjust the alarm tone and volume up to 113 decibels to create a customized sound that is certain to compel them to get out of bed. Far from relying simply on sound, the alarm clock can be set to flash its three bright red LEDs and the included vibrating pad can be placed under a mattress to provide an insistent, bed-shaking tremor that serves as the last line of defense against oversleeping. The clock plugs into AC and has a 9-volt battery back up (battery not included) that powers the alarm during a power outage. 5 1/2" Diameter x 3" D. (1 1/2 lbs.)

Ceate the sound that will get you out of bed. Also comes with a vibrating pad that can be put under your mattress, to give you that extra bed-shaking tremor.

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