ThruNite TN36

Brightest Flashlight Under $300

Why people love it
  • Powerful flashlight with a long battery life
  • Waterproof, impact-resistant, and incredibly well-built
  • Excellent light output and beam length
  • Bulkier than your average flashlight
  • Beam is wide and unfocused.

Purpose: This is definitely a flashlight intended for use in large enclosed spaces (like a warehouse). With up to 7300 lumens produced and a beam nearly 300 meters long, it makes sweeping large spaces easy. The flashlight is fully waterproof (up to 1.5 meters), impact resistant for up to 2 meters, and is built using aircraft-grade aluminum. Definitely one of the most durable flashlights on our list!

Performance: There's no denying that this is one of the brightest options around. The six flashlight modes give you a lot of light options, perfect for both conserving battery life and user-friendly operation. There's even a "memory mode" to remember your last setting for one-click use. Additionally, the low voltage indicator will let you know when the batteries need recharging.

However, be prepared for a bulky flashlight. It's roughly the same diameter as a soda can, so it takes a big hand to hold it comfortably. The beam is also very wide and unfocused, so it's not as bright as it could be given its 7300 lumens. Thankfully, the built-in Intelligent Temperature Control technology will stop it from overheating.

Price: This is definitely a high-priced flashlight, and one you may hesitate to buy unless you are patrolling wide-open spaces and need a flashlight that can produce A LOT of light.

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