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Thrive is also among the best-rated and best-selling HDMI cables out there. It’s built of the finest materials, and comes in various lengths, which is a huge bonus.

  • Supports Ethernet
  • Comes in 6-feet and 15-feet lengths
  • Lifetime warranty

The design of the cable makes it ideal for wall-mounted TV use. It has small connectors which can fit perfectly even in the tiniest of spaces. Its gold-plated connectors will have you using it for a lifetime, and in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund.

What the reviewers say:

  • I am extremely pleased with this HDMI cable by Thrive! It is sturdy and very well made as well as being a great length for not pulling or tugging between the component and the television. I installed it and found it fit the components great and have a nice tight fit which is very important. It also features gold connectors which is great at preventing corrosion and optimal at HD viewing.
  • If you’re looking at HDMI cables, then you know that sometimes you just need to plug something in that is not close to the other device. In my case it is our gaming console. We don’t have a HD TV so we use the computer monitor to play games. This poses a problem. Since it’s the computers monitor it can’t leave the tower and the console HAS to be near the receiver for the speakers since the monitor doesn’t have built in speakers. This is where 15 feet of HDMI cable comes in. We can now keep the console on near the receiver (on a dresser on the OTHER SIDE of the room from the computer) and the monitor with the tower. No more having to unplug something every time… and don’t get me started on trying to use the computer AND play a game at the same time. Now we can push a button and switch from one to the other!
  • 15 feet is rather long for my needs BUT 15 feet is also a long cord for important matters. I use it in my bedroom just to hook my PlayStation up to my television. This 15-foot cord would be much more convenient and useful length wise in places like a large living room or such. Very durable hasn't broke on me and the image quality is amazing in HD love playing my games on there.

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