The ThorFire has a built-in battery and can put out 125 lumens of light on high and 30 lumens on low. 

  • Amazon bestseller in lantern flashlights
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hand crank rechargeable

You can set this lamp on high while you're out camping and if you happen to be running out of power you can set it to low to conserve power and get some more time out of it. If you run out of power then you could charge it via USB or you can hand crank it. You could also charge your phone in an emergency. It can be used as a flashlight or pulled open to be used as a lantern. Weighing only 5.9oz it can be placed in your pocket or backpack without having to worry about the weight. 

What Reviewers Say:

You will need to look hard for a lantern that has so many fans. Here's what some of them have to say:

  • This innovative camping light....Wait! I opened this up and muttered "It's awesome!"....and I quit using that word 25 years ago, but that's what just came out of my mouth!
  • I love this little light. The light is very bright and strong for its size. It is great to keep in a drawer or in your car when you need a flash light and don't want to worry if the batteries are charged or not. Simply give this a few turns and the light is powered up even if the battery is dead. I love products like this that are handy in cases of emergency. It is small and compact yet the light is very bright. The lantern effect, expanding the light like the main picture shows leaves me a little concerned about the durability of the surround. I think it would be easy to rip but other than that this is awesome and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a backup light.
  • Though this light isn't shaped like a conventional flashlight, I found it just as convenient to use. It's slightly smaller in diameter than my coffee mug. Opening this light like an accordion gives a Chinese lantern appearance and a more diffused light that, on its highest setting, is bright enough to be able to read a book or newspaper while using it as a sole source of light.

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