Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

Best Sweat Resistant Undershirt

Why people love it

• Prevent sweat through collar shirts

• Incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable

• Stylish and sleek; good fit for most body types


Underarm pads to protect from sweat, 90% cotton and 10% polyester, durable, comfortable, lightweight shirt, tagless collar, made in the U.S.A., crewneck, versatile cut, and adapts to slim and heavier body shapes.

A little too lightweight, can be easily damaged by bleach, and pricey!


Comfort: There is A LOT to love about this undershirt! First off, it comes with a sweat-resistant fabric that will prevent heavy sweat from soaking through to your outerwear. The absorbent pads built into the underarm will prevent pit stains and sweat circles. If you're a heavy sweater, this is an excellent shirt to purchase. The 90% cotton/10% polyester blend makes this a silky-feeling shirt that has enough stretch to last for years.

The shirt CANNOT be bleached (even the white), but you'll find it gets pretty clean with just a basic machine wash. The tagless collar, flat-fitting crewneck, and loose sleeves make it a great choice to wear under most business outfits.

Fit: The material is nicely soft and lightweight (some say TOO lightweight), and you'll find the cut is good for most body types. The sizes run a bit large, making them ideal for heavy sweaters with a bit of extra around the midsection. 

Price: At $27 for a single undershirt, this is the priciest option on our list. It's definitely good for heavier sweaters who want something to wear beneath their business clothes, but the high price tag can be a bit hard to swallow.


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