If you think your guy has everything, think again. The iFetch will make your dog happily exhausted each and every day by throwing a ball across the room in a 360 degree dog infused oblivion. 


The catch? Your dog has to return the ball to the large bowl-like opening on the side. Once returned, the iFetch shifts and launches in a new direction. Our testing? We have two Italian Greyhounds (miniature Greyhounds) who went absolutely crazy nuts over the iFetch. One became irritated and tried in vain to tip the iFetch over; in the end, the little guy could not resist the ‘call of the ball’ and simply gave up. 

• iFetch is an interactive, on demand ball launcher that provides fun for dogs and owners together.
• iFetch throws a ball a variable distance when it is placed in the funnel by the dog or person
• iFetch is designed to work with iFetch balls which are 1 ½" diameter and are not full sized tennis balls!
• USA Version-110V AC adapter(included) or 6-C Batteries to play. English Quick Start Guide Included
• Award Winning - Best New Dog Product and Best in Show at SuperZoo 2013, the iFetch also picked up 2nd Place Best New Product at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

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