Why people love it
  • Stays sharp a remarkably long time
  • Durable horn scales
  • Most reliable razor out there

Highly attractive, every handle is a unique piece of art, holds its edge for a long time, reliable and durable design.

This straight razor is not cheap.


Features: An awesome gift for a man who needs a close shave every time. The Eagle's Carbonsong blade is 6/8” wide with a rounded tip that is easier to use than a square tip. The best part? You won't lose any precision with this bad boy. It is resistant to damage and will last a lifetime. Plus, the blonde horn scales on this razor are about as dapper as it gets. They are resilient and have a nice feel in the hand. The Horned Eagle makes a close, clean shave a real artform.

Price: At $370, this is one expensive straight razor. However, when you compare it to all the money you’ll waste on disposable razors and cartridges, it’s a great value.

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