• Extra large (9.5" x 16") size makes it perfect for knees
  • Velcro straps help keep in place and apply pressure
  • Made from non-toxic oils and all-natural ceramic clay for better thermal transfer

This bad boy was designed by a former NASA engineer, and it's one of the most efficient ice packs around!

What Reviewers Say:

  • This pad holds hot and cold very well. More importantly, the clay filling is malleable, so it conforms to all lounging positions as well as the contours of a hand or foot. I have four of them & recommend this line to anyone who asks.
  • hey are heavy, but that's also kind of soothing. The clay is malleable and it's easy to conform it to your body. It gets nice and cold and stays that way for a solid 20 minutes (it shouldn't be worn longer than that, though). The straps are also very useful.
  • Believe me you'll throw your ice pack as far as you can throw after using these! No mess, wrap it arond your knee, elbow, ankle or whatever:. once the velcro strap is fastened, lay back in the recliner and say "aaaahh"! If you move slowly you can even walk over and get the remote or go to the powder room and back without it coming off.
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