Claimed to be hottest extract on earth!

  • Use only as food additive
  • Hundred pots of chili in one ounce
  • Substitute flavor for chili for very spicy dishes

You can spice up hundreds of pots of chili with just one ounce. Use only as a food additive, as this stuff is serious business, with over 7 million Scoville units!

What Reviewers Say:

  • I thought I knew "hot"...until I tried "The Source Collectors Extract". This extract is rated at a nuclear 7,100,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)!! I've tried it both as a food additive and directly on my tongue (DO NOT TRY THE LATTER). This stuff is the hottest of ANY sauce / extract I've ever had...and I've had a lot. There has been a few close seconds but they just didn't quite have the same peak heat or staying power. "The Source" is hot instantly and you think, "WOW, this IS HOT", but then it creeps up on you even more until your reaching for some milk...ice cream...water...anything to make it stop!!!
  • I did about 5 drops of this on a spoon. That pain was nothing compared to what I experienced an hour later. My stomach felt like I swallowed a bunch of razor blades, I almost ended up in the hospital. If you are crazy enough to try this stuff raw spit it out. Don't swallow it, and drink plenty of milk first.
  • I took a toothpick and scraped off a decent sized glob and scraped it onto a tortilla chip and slammed it down the hatch in my kitchen with a smile to the delight of my entourage of friends. Not 10-15 seconds afterward, I realized that I had made a huge mistake. There is not a slow buildup with this stuff like you often get with other extracts. Sucking on the end of a downed power line would probably be a close approximation to what is in store for you if you take too much. Downing milk to help stop the pain of this stuff is about as futile as trying to stop an erupting volcano with a bucket brigade. My nasal passages leaked like a firehose, my eyes felt like I had been sprayed with mace at point blank range, and my insides felt like a had just downed a shot glass full of nerve gas

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