No grooming regime is complete without taking care of feet and nails too. 

  • Suction-cup lined bottom
  • Acts like a loofah
  • Includes rejuvenating gel

The scrubber’s suction-cup lined bottom affixes securely to a shower stall floor or the side of a bathtub, its upward-facing polypropylene bristles molding to the contours of your foot. As you wipe your foot back and forth across the brush’s surface, stiff outer bristles act like a loofah to remove rough or dry skin while soft inner bristles gently massage tender spots, even between the toes. An integrated stingray-shaped polyolefin plastic pad lets you securely plant one foot on a wing as you scrub the other. Includes a 7 1/2-oz. bottle of rejuvenating gel, or you can use your preferred body wash to leave feet feeling clean, soft, and supple.  And yes, men's feet should be just as smooth as ladies feet.  This handy gadget replaces that old pumice stone (and expensive trips to the spa too).

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