The Ripple Rug by SnugglyCat

Best Interactive Cat Toy

Why people love it
  • Helps discourage furniture scratching
  • Non-toxic
  • Good for timid cats

This one is more hit or miss depending on your cat's preferences. Some cats don't bother with the Ripple Rug, while others adore it. 


Durability: This rug holds up to a lot of attacks and frolics from multiple cats. It's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that satisfy even heavy scratchers. 

Features: The Ripple Rug is made of two carpets that are secured with strong hold velcro. The bottom is flat and the top is shapable to keep your cat's play space interesting. It also features a heat retaining, rubber coated bottom for a non-slip, warm and cozy spot for your fur baby to snuggle up for a nap. The rug gives kitties a secure space to hide, a significant area to play, and even a hiding spot for treats. Every material is non-toxic and resistant to mold and stains. The holes can even expand for heftier feline friends. 

Price: This may be the priciest option on our list, but the quality, safety, and hours of fun you and your kitty will get out of the Ripple Rug are priceless. 

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