The Richest Man in Babylon

Best Cheap Graduation Gift

Why people love it


  • One of the best personal development books you can give to a graduate 
  • Lessons are told parable-style so they’re easier to remember 
  • Great tips for finance management 


There are a lot of things you could do to help your college graduate get off to a good start financially. Open a 401K. Co-sign a lease. Get them a financial advisor. CNBC also recommended giving them a book as a graduation gift; one that would give them the opportunity to educate themselves on best finance management best practices. This was one of the recommended reads—and people around the world who have read it wholeheartedly agree!

If your graduate just busted their jump for four-plus years, they might not be thrilled about having another book to read just yet.


Happiness Factor: For anyone who appreciates self-help-type books or who wants practical advice on how to live a positive life (financially as well as in general), this is a great gift idea for them. 

Practical Applications: The reason why so many people love this book is because of how it’s told. Yes, it’s an inspirational book that’s meant to help guide people through life and teach them how to better manage finances, but it does so with interesting allegory and parable-type lessons that make them easy to digest and remember.

Price: The paperback and Kindle are really cheap, but you may want to spring for the nicer, more expensive hardcover since this is a graduation gift.

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