LeBron James' workouts feature A LOT of push-ups, and these rotating push-ups handles will improve any bodyweight workout.

  • Push-up handles help to keep form nice and tight
  • Reduce strain on the wrists
  • Increase exercise difficulty 

To reduce the strain on your wrists as you do push-ups, these will make your workout a whole lot more effective.

What the Reviewers Say:

  • The Perfect Basic Pushup not only eliminated my wrist pain, I found that the push-ups with this device are far superior to regular push-ups with the hands flat on the ground because you can go down further (or deeper), as the floor is no longer an impediment.
  • For those just starting out, the Perfect Push Up-Basic can either be a tool 1) to ease or eliminate any wrist problem you have and/or prevent it while also functioning as an apparatus to allow you to focus all your efforts into the push-up, and/or 2) if desired, to make a safer and deeper push-up.
  • This Perfect Push Up-Basic comes with the handles not attached. They easily snap into place and are extremely well-made. The grips are amazingly tacky and the rotating disks are natural, effortless, and noiseless. The tacky grips are needed for when you are sweating and doing push-ups, the sweat will glide down your arms and onto or around your hands. The grips eliminate any chance of you slipping.

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