The Smilex electric toothbrush vibrates at 18,000 vibrations per minute and 96 million pulses to remove plaque and food particles.

  • In 30-days, daily brushing with the Smilex reduces bleeding gums and Gingivitis
  • Cleans and whitens teeth while destroying plaque below the gum line

This brush destroys bacteria on the bristles without needing to use ultraviolet light. Plus it will work with braces and bridges.

What Reviewers Say:

You're going to want to take a look at the reviews of other users. Here's what a few of them say:

  • At first, the Smilex was unusually light and felt a bit flimsy compared to the more robust Ultreo. The sonic function also seems a bit less powerful but after contacting their customer service, the unit was working normally. I just needed to get use to not having to do nearly as much work while brushing and the results have been amazing. My teeth seem much whiter in a very short amount of time and smoother after EVERY brushing!
  • I just got back from my first checkup/cleaning since having a deep cleaning done 2 months ago on my teeth to remove plaque under the gum line that was preventing the gum from sticking to the teeth. The dental hygienist kept commenting on how clean my teeth were, and only found one small piece of plaque under the gum line on one tooth, so huge improvement since my previous visit.
  • I had my first checkup 10 days ago and it was the best ever. Almost no plaque around or under gum line. Only real work she did was between teeth. I am a poor flosser. Maybe that would have been better if I had purchsed thibrush at the time of my last checkup 6 months ago. My 5 start rating is now a 5+ .

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