Best Gift for a DIY Mom

The Original Pink Box Tool Set
  • High-quality, sturdy tools
  • Vibrant pink hue makes tools easy to identify
  • Versatile tools work well for multiple projects
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Smooth grips let a crafty mama hold the tools comfortably. A zippered pouch with dividers keeps the tools snugly in place for easy storage or transport.

A few men complain that you pay extra for the pretty pink color, stating that traditional-colored tools are cheaper. But what fun is that?


Why she needs it: Tired of your wife or girlfriend stealing your tools? Buy her this tool kit for her crafts so she leaves your stuff alone. It includes common tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors, used for Pinterest-worthy projects.

Moms dig the compact size of the zippered pouch because it's easy to hide the tools from curious toddlers.

Price: For less than $30, you can surprise your favorite mom with this cute pink tool set.


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