The Original MASHTAPE

Best Gift for the Wife that Loves All Things Retro

Why people love it
  • Amazing gift
  • Looks super cool and authentic
  • Easy to use and nicely presented

Get the look of a mixtape with the convenience of an 8GB USB drive to store songs, videos, and photos.

There are minor quality control issues.


Features: With Guardians of the Galaxy and 13 Reasons Why bringing cassette tapes back into fashion, it’s easy to see why this would be one of the top gifts of the year. And, there’s no reason to dig out a cassette player to enjoy the super cuteness of these tapes.

Feel free to make a mix tape or hand over the nicely presented box as is so your wife can make her own mix. The USB drive can hold a full 8GB of songs, videos, or photos and the arm that tucks it inside the cassette casing swings out a full 90 degrees, so it should work with any device.

This also comes with a plastic case for the authentic experience.

Price: The MSRP is $25 which is quite reasonable for a novelty item of this caliber, but you can usually find it between $18-20 on Amazon.

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