Why people love it
  • Great product and the price is right
  • Well-balanced brew
  • Awesome flavor holds to the end

The only complaint reviewers have is that the cup is poorly designed.


The medium roast has been an Amazon #1 Top Seller, that means that just about everyone who tries it, loves it. And, even though it’s only a medium blend, it’s remarkably full bodied. If you’re keen for the Extra Bold, you probably take your coffee very seriously.

We urge you not to get confused when it comes to the Original Donut Shop coffees. This one is the original, and it’s a medium roast (even though it says extra bold). There is also an extra-bold version. It’s confusing, especially since both flavors are totally worth it.

  • Flavor: This is a solid cup that’s just below bold, despite the naming. You can taste even the last little swig left in the cup, so we’re prepared to give a decent rating.
  • Body: As mentioned, it’s got a decent body for the blend, but it’s nowhere close to a seriously full-bodied cup of coffee.
  • Aroma: This is what your first cup of coffee should smell like; not overpowering, but enough to get you going.
  • Price: Depending on how frequently you buy these K-cups, you can save a bit, but they’re about 50 cents a cup.

Bottom Line: If you need a quality brew, drink a lot of coffee, and don’t want to spend a fortune, this is exactly the K-cup you want to have. Buy a lot; you’re going to need it – this is likely to be the coffee you use to judge all others.

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