Why people love it
  • Super affordable way to make espresso
  • Low maintenance stovetop coffee maker
  • Versatile use: espresso or coffee, at home or on the go

Again, if you’re looking for an authentic espresso experience, this is probably not going to be enough for you. There are also two very common warnings that come along with this product: its likelihood to overheat as well as its sensitivity to cleaning. (Make sure not to throw this in the dishwasher!)


Price: You can’t get any better than this if you’re looking for a sturdy and trustworthy moka. Well, you can, but not for the consistent and high-quality results you get with a brand like Bialetti.

Ease of Use: If you’re looking for a super convenient way to make espresso (or something closely resembling espresso), a moka pot is the way to go. Just be careful not to touch the pot while brewing your shot as it tends to overheat.

Quality of Espresso: Since this is a moka pot and not a full machine that can precisely heat the water and pour the shot, you’ll need to adjust your expectations a bit here. These are used in homes throughout Italy, so it’s not like the originators of espresso are opposed to using moka pots (which you should take as a good sign). Just know that if authentic, thick, bitter/sweet espresso is what you’re after, this might not be enough.

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