The North Face Cat's Meow 22 Sleeping Bag

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Not only is it synthetic, but this sleeping bag can be rather bulky. 


While the long size is a little closer to average measurements around the hip, the regular offers a few more inches around the middle than competitive bags. And, it that’s important to you, this really is the sleeping bag to check out.

That said, it does have a few drawbacks, namely the weight and bulk. That, and it’s also filled with synthetic fibers. But if you’re a car camper rather than a hiker and down isn’t your thing, these concerns won’t bother you in the slightest (especially given the price).

The hood and collar are both optimized for heat retention, and there are pad loops so you can attach the bag to a sleeping pad. It’s the little touches that make this more than your average sleeping bag.

Fill or insulation type: Heatseeker Pro synthetic insulation in a combination outer shell. That’s 20D ripstop nylon around the body and 30D nylon/polyester taffeta around the hood and footbox areas.

Temperature rating: The EN lower limit is 22ºF and the EN comfort temperature is 33ºF. 

Water resistant: Water resistant outer with incredible performance in terms of insulation.

Shape, size, and weight: This sleeping bag comes in a mummy shape. The regular measures 72”L x 62”W (shoulder), 60” (hip), and weighs 2lb 11oz. The long measures 78”L x 66”W (shoulder), 61” (hip), and weighs 2lb 14 oz. Finally, the pack down size is 9” x 16” (16.6L). 

Colors available: Blue Ribbon.

Price: You should expect to pay between $170 and $180. Not bad, right?

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