The Nesting Pillow

Best All-Natural Organic Nursing Pillow

Why people love it
  • Created using 100% organic materials
  • Includes washable slipcover
  • Multi-purpose beyond nursing needs

All you eco-conscious moms out there, listen up! We're sure you are going to just love this pillow. Only natural, 100% organic materials are used to creat the Nesting Pillow, so no worries about exposing your baby to harsh chemicals - especially when doing skin-to-skin nursing.

The buckwheat hull filling is a bit tricky to figure out at first.


Fit: No other pillow on our list will mold to mom and baby like the Nesting Pillow. As the name suggests, it conforms around both mom and baby perfectly, keeping your little one completely nested throughout each and every feeding.

Support: The buckwheat hull filling in the Nesting Pillow is comparable to a bean bag chair and takes a little adjusting and trial and error to get it into a shape that's right for you and your baby. But the filling is designed to give you unique support (once you get the hang of it), making this the most customizable pillow on our list.

Price: Quality, all-natural materials make the Nesting Pillow our priciest option. But if eco-friendly is what you're looking for, we gurantee this is the pillow for you.

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