The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Best Christmas Gift for Techies

Why people love it
  • FarSight wakeup feature makes it easy to control HVAC system from the Nest unit
  • Installation is "a breeze," and it works with all existing home systems
  • Integrates with other home products (such as Nest Protect)

Features the most advanced learning algorithm on the market; reliable mobile connection; multiple sensors for gathering environmental data; beautiful design; and keeps you up to date on HVAC performance via mobile alerts.

Doesn't display the current temperature (design flaw), but only the target temperature.


Details: For men who want a "smart" home, this is the ideal Christmas gift!

The 3rd Generation Nest is more advanced than the previous two, with most of the "kinks" ironed out. It provides him with remote access/control to the thermostat via the WiFi, accessible from his Android/iOS tablet, smartphone, and PC. The Nest App is free to download and easy to use, with intuitive controls. He'll be able to check your energy history, reduce energy expenditure, and choose HVAC settings - all from your smartphone! Plus, the device learns your schedule and adjusts the HVAC system to ensure your home is as warm/cool as you want it when you want it.

The average install time for the Nest Thermostat is under 30 minutes, but customers who can't figure it out can always call the 24/7 customer support hotline for help. It's compatible with 95% of the HVAC systems on the market and can work with heat pump, solar, hot water, radiant oil, geothermal, gas, electric, and forced air systems. With its 24-bit color LCD screen and 480p resolution, it makes adjusting the temperature from the unit a cinch.

Price: At under $250, this is a pricey gift. However, it's perfect for a smart home, and the fact that Nest learns his preferences and schedule makes it a gift he'll love!

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