The Moto 360 is pure style. After all, it's the first swartwatch that actually looks like a watch - which clearly resonates with consumers, who made this a best seller in 2014.

But the looks don't stop at it's resemblance to a traditional watch. The Moto 360 sports an elegant stainless steel bezel, a sturdy and stylish leather strap, and a gorgeous gorilla glass touch screen. It runs on the Google Android operating system, which is well suited for wearables.


Weighing 1.72 ounces, the Moto 360 is lighter than the Gear Live (2.1 ounces) and the Pebble Steel (1.95 ounces), but heavier than the LG G Watch (1.3 ounces).


The unique circular design is sporty yet elegant. It feels light enough to be a sportswatch, but packs in enough features to be so much more.

In our testing, the display colors were bright and vibrant - everything was clearly visible, and easily viewable even in bright sunlight. To save energy, the watch automatically dims when not in use, but simply lift your wrist and it pops smartly back to life.

The Moto 360 is designed to be compatible with smartphones running Android - and that's wide range of phones. The interface is intuitive and very simple to use and we found it to be extremely responsive. 


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