The Mirthful Sommelier's Wine Glasses

Best Wine Glasses for Amusing Guests

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  • You'll have a laugh with these on the table
  • Not just a conversation starter (though you shouldn't use them late into the night)
  • Amusing gift

Add a touch of whimsy with these wine glasses on the table. Consider them the perfect addition to uncomfortable dinner parties. 

Sadly, some - not all, but some - of these glasses will tip over with wine in them (and that's never a good thing). So just in case, keep a way from light colored carpet and clothing!


This set of two unique wine glasses is sure to amuse your guests. Better still, these are also dishwasher safe. How fun is that? Every glass is hand-blown into a unique shape. Some stems bend more than others (which you need to be careful of). Some of the bowls are also a little more tilted than others. That goes well with the individuals drinking the wine, wouldn't you say? This is exactly what you need to set the mood for a dinner party - difficult, impromptu, or otherwise. (And not a bad trick when someone is pushing their luck during the evening.)

Quality and Materials: The hand-blown glasses each have a sturdy base to hold wine securely - most of the time. And, they're wide enough to actually get a good scent of the wine inside. 

Dishwasher Safe: You can choose not to tuck these into the dishwasher if you're concerned about the odd shape. But, if you can fit them in, by all means - go ahead!

Price: You pay $25 for two wine glasses and gift wrap is available for $7, so you can send them to a friend on the other side of the country if you want. We think that's a perfectly reasonable price. 

Why Buy These Glasses? They're just so darn amusing that you won't be able to help yourself. Sure, they are a novelty item, but we're sure you'll use them at least once and then gift a few sets to your friends and family. 

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