Imagine - a personal trainer strapped to your wrist named Band. What could be better? Microsoft has stepped up its game with this new device; a simple glance reveals your workout stats and your smartphone stores your data so you can see your progress over time. It's nice to see Microsoft release something trendy and on-point with the market!


Microsoft has put together a wide range of workout routines based on guidance from notable workout experts. Even better, the Band tracks every rep, provides a summary of your workout, and more.

The built-in GPS records the distance you walk, run, or bike and then sends the route to your phone. From within the app, you can map your routes and add notes - even mark your favorite routes for future reference.

Sure, the summer is over - but the real-time UV monitor is useful even in the colder months. A quick glance lets you know if you need to slather on the sunscreen and grab a hat before you hit the trail.

The Band also features 24/7 heart rate tracking, providing you with deep insight into your true metabolic burn rate. Even better, you'll also understand your calorie burn and sleep patterns - including how often you wake, your average heart rate, and the length of truly restful sleep.


Much like your phone, Microsoft provides the ability to personalize your Band - from background images to text colors, you can style your Band to fit you best.


Sure, you have your phone with you throughout the day - but face it, it's not always appropriate to whip out your phone in the middle of a meeting or date. Microsoft has you covered with subtle notifications on your Band - including snippets from each email, social updates, calendar event, or text.


The bright, full-color screen and advanced sensors make this a device a contender in the wearables category. We have a review Band on the way, and we'll be posting a full hands-on review in next week.

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