Why people love it
  • Absolute best Hitachi vibrator
  • Cordless version of the original classic Magic Wand
  • Multiple speed and rhythm settings

You’d be hard-pressed to find a best vibrators review that doesn’t include the new and improved Magic Wand “Rechargeable”. The Sweet Home named it #1 and Allure put it on their list of best Babeland vibrators. Now that the Magic Wand doesn’t rely on a cumbersome cord anymore, you’re free to relax and use this however (and wherever) you like.

Your partner may be intimidated by the size.


Noise Level: This is a big vibrator, so you can’t expect it to go unnoticed.

Stimulation: If you’re looking for a clitoral massage, you can’t do better than this.

Strength: There are not only multiple speeds for this vibrator, but there are various rhythm settings.

Special Features: Cordless!

Price: Well, considering this doubles as a massager, the price is basically a 2-for-1.

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