Luggage just calls to mind images of lugging suitcases around, doesn't it.  Sure the words have the same roots, but it's the idea that it's heavy.  But this luggage is remarkably light.  Whether you stuff if full of heavy clothes and gifts to keep it under the weight limit or you travel light, it's all up to you.  Either way, this reasonably priced luggage could be the right choice for you. 


This impervious luggage is made from polycarbonate composite (the same material used in automobiles) yet is lighter than typical soft-sided models. The 2.6mm-thick, scratch-resistant shell withstands the rigors of modern day travel without cracking or denting. The suitcase has reinforced corners and both halves of the protective shell are secured by a durable ABS zipper. A second zipper provides nearly 2 1/2" of expansion, increasing the overall volume of each piece by up to 25%. The generous interior is lined with rugged nylon and both halves have a full-length zippered divider that keeps travel items in place. With four wheels that swivel 360°, two padded carrying handles, and a telescoping aluminum handle, enabling ease of transport through airport terminals.

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