Shaving is an art, but it's also a necessity for most men.  

  • Removes shaving grime
  • Flexible silicone surface
  • Space-saving stand

Simply coat the cleaner with shaving cream and push the razor across its surface several times. Friction from contacting the cleaner's flexible silicone surface removes organic buildup from the blade's edge, similar to a traditional leather barber's strop. As a result, new blades remain sharp for dozens of shaves, so one needn't buy costly replacement blades as often. The cleaner works with all manual razors, from single-blade disposables to multiple-blade cartridges, even DE safety blades. About the size of a smartphone, it comes with a space-saving stand that stores the cleaner, a razor, and extra blades.

Finding the perfect razor for a wet shave is a mission.  Once you've got your hand on it, you'll want to keep it in top condition for as long as possible.  This razor clear will extend the life of your razor up to 6 times.

Gift wrap is available for $6.95.

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