The Lacie Plunge Teddy

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Sexy from every angle, with a plunge front, extreme racerback, and keyhole cutout - all in the super-stretchy floral lace that makes every woman look amazing.

We couldn't find any real reason not to buy this piece. Although, some ladies said it offers no support for "the girls". 


Material and quality: The Victoria's Secret Teddy is made from a combination of imported nylon and sheer unlined lace. The material is super stretchy and hugs your body perfectly. In order to extend the life of the garment, we recommend hand wash only.

Color: Available in seven gorgeous colors including: black, white, purple, and red. 

Style: While the teddy can be somewhat intimidating to some, we couldn't find one woman that didn't love this sexy little piece! We promise, it is extremely flattering on everyone. The one-piece, pull on style features a deep plunge in the front and an extreme racerback and thong bottom in the back. The adjustable straps are perfect for those that are taller or need to customize the length. And, the looseness on top brings a relaxed and loungey vibe. Since this piece of lingerie is so dang comfortable, you can wear it under anything for a sexy feel throughout the day. 

Price: At a mid-range price point of $39.50, this sexy piece is a steal. Such a good deal that we think you should definitely buy this teddy in multiple colors. 

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