Kindle Voyage E-reader

Best Christmas Gift for Book Lovers

Why people love it
  • A Kindle tablet designed for readers who love physical books
  • Battery life that lasts for WEEKS
  • Gives you the "feel" of turning physical pages

Screen isn't large enough; pretty pricey.


Details: The paperback form factor, high-quality glass screen, and magnesium case all blend together brilliantly in the new Kindle Voyage E-Reader - in fact, you may easily mistake it for a paperback book.  That makes it a real score when you're travelling - or waiting - just about anywhere!

If he's a purist who loves to read paperbacks, but can't afford to haul them around on his travels, this is the perfect Christmas gift for him!

The 300 DPI screen is the closest to a paper experience as an e-reader gets, with crisp, clear text that is easy to read under any lighting condition (courtesy of the adaptive front light). It’s thinner and lighter than any other Kindle, so it's ideal for anyone who travels a lot. Yet it gets the same amazing battery life as the basic Kindle or Paperwhite. He'll need to charge it two or three times a MONTH.

The reason it's ideal for paperback lovers is because there is a haptic (touch) response when he turns the pages. It will feel like turning the page of a real book. Together with the high resolution display, it's as close to a "real" book as it gets with a tablet.

Price: The $220 Kindle Voyage is on the pricier side of Amazon's tablets. However, thanks to that "real life feel," long battery life, and amazing portability, it's a hardcore reader's perfect gift.

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